Sumo Blanco: Sound Designer / Musician / Producer

a diary about the random nothingness of my life… and music

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Sumo Blanco is a guitarist, sound designer, producer, DJ, recording engineer and a lover of all music. Although his day job consists of writing code and programming for a small IT firm, his dream is to one day be able to support himself with music alone.

He lives in a tiny town in the Northern most part of the Texas Panhandle with his dog Scout and enjoys the peace and serenity that small town living has to offer. He also cringes when talking about himself in third person.

His interests include live and studio performance in various genres of music, graphic art, books, coffee, video games (and collecting vintage games), recording anything that makes noise, experimenting with all forms of music (especially electronic), coffee, taking photos of anything (whether interesting or not), coffee…

Lately his interests have moved more toward sound design and creating sample packs and VST plugin presets; primarily focusing on unique, but usable sounds.