Artwork by Ieka95:

as i was sitting and listening to music last night, it occurred to me that there are 5 key tracks that totally changed my perception of what i thought could be conveyed through electronic music. in fact, these are the very tracks that pulled me out of the mundane, monotonous hell that EDM had become and renewed my interest in making electronic music again.

i hope you find the same inspiration in these tracks that i have.

1.【sakuraburst】「data corruption symphony」

「data corruption symphony」is the holy grail of sound design. it’s a twisted auditory maze of beats, sounds, and melodies that all somehow work together perfectly. from delicate chords and melodies to the hardest of drops, and foley aplenty; this track has it all.

and reforms//
before our eyes//」

2. Arian Cook – Quantum Racer

i love everything about Quantum Racer. from the quasi-loungy chords to the wonderful melody to the catchy beats and percussion. there is no way you can listen to this and not be happy.

3. In love with a ghost – we’ve never met, but can we have coffee or something

atmosphere, beauty, mental imagery, melancholic, minimalistic, and perfect in every way.

4. ☾⛧ GHOST DATA ⛧☽ – white rabbit

soft plucks, vocaloid vocals, perfectly mixed drums, and again, MELODY!
ghost data is one of the most unique and best things to happen to electronic music in some time.

5. Ujico* – Skyward

ujico* is one of those artists who can do it all. he is a composer in every sense of the word, he can write and produce just about any style, he has an insane grasp on chords, melody, arrangement structure, sound design, and a near-perfect ear for mixing.

i can’t say enough good things about ujico*