Free Samples & Presets

The words FREE and QUALITY don’t always go hand-in-hand. However, I think you’ll find that those two words are a perfect description for the freebies below. If you haven’t already, go grab the HARMOR PRESET PACK VOL. 1, 10 GRANULAR CINEMATIC PADS, and 5 GRANULAR DRONE PADS.



For Image-Line Harmor VST v12.3 and up
57 Presets:
3 – Arps
6 – Bass
3 – FX
6 – Lead
6 – Pads
10 – Plucks
23 – Synths



Louder Than Love

A few weeks ago I decided I would start writing as a way to get things off my chest and as a form of self therapy. Since my music is an extension of my personal thought, emotions, experiences, defeats, victories, etc., I thought it would be nice to have an online diary of what I was feeling during a particular time in my life. My past blog posts have dealt primarily with music and things that make me happy. But today I’d like to complain to the digital gods, if I may?

I spent a lot of time trying to find the good in everything and also trying to convince others to find the good in any situation. But, for the last couple of week I’m just not feeling it. I’m not feeling all that positive about the future and I’ve not been in the best of places mentally. Of course, none of what I’m about to write about is unique at all. Everything affecting me has been affecting humans since the dawn of time. But goddammit, I’m just tired. I’m tired and I want to say something about it. READ MORE


5 electronic tracks that changed my musical direction for the better

Artwork by Ieka95:

as i was sitting and listening to music last night, it occurred to me that there are 5 key tracks that totally changed my perception of what i thought could be conveyed through electronic music. in fact, these are the very tracks that pulled me out of the mundane, monotonous hell that EDM had become and renewed my interest in making electronic music again.

i hope you find the same inspiration in these tracks that i have.

1.【sakuraburst】「data corruption symphony」

「data corruption symphony」is the holy grail of sound design. it’s a twisted auditory maze of beats, sounds, and melodies that all somehow work together perfectly. from delicate chords and melodies to the hardest of drops, and foley aplenty; this track has it all. READ MORE