Ah, the cherished 3-day weekend! My day job doesn’t allow for many days off, so when a 3-day weekend rolls around it is a perfect time to relax and try to work on some new music. Memorial Day weekend has always been one of my favorite times of the year, not just because of the long weekend, but because it is a time for our family to get together and socialize over a great meal and catch up with each other’s lives. My dad was a veteran of the Navy as well, so we take this time to remember him (I miss you dad) and to remember those who have given so much.

Perhaps it is because of this nostalgic time that I was influenced to write something that reminded me of my childhood. There is something about going through old photographs and talking about a different time that will put your head in a different place. I’ve never created a synthwave track in my life, but yesterday I opened my DAW and started tinkering around with some sounds and arrangements and realized that it was definitely moving in that direction. It’s probably also fair to say that having just watched Beyond The Gates (watch the trailer here) probably influenced me subconsciously as well. The soundtrack is filled with warm, retro, analog synths and it is amazing! It’s definitely a must-see if you are into movies that recreate that whole 80s B-movie horror vibe.

Anyway, here it is – E N C O U N T E R… my little tribute to the synthwave music that graced so many of the horror/thriller B-movies of the 80s. I hope you enjoy!


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Thanks again,