Free Samples & Presets

The words FREE and QUALITY don’t always go hand-in-hand. However, I think you’ll find that those two words are a perfect description for the freebies below. If you haven’t already, go grab the HARMOR PRESET PACK VOL. 1, 10 GRANULAR CINEMATIC PADS, and 5 GRANULAR DRONE PADS.



For Image-Line Harmor VST v12.3 and up
57 Presets:
3 – Arps
6 – Bass
3 – FX
6 – Lead
6 – Pads
10 – Plucks
23 – Synths



new track: higher & higher

higher & higher is a journey into my past and a nod to my roots as a musician. although there are many electronic elements to this track, the focus is on both acoustic and electric guitar.

i spent the majority of my life as a touring and studio musician (guitarist). as sumo blanco, i’ve produced mostly edm, but over the last few months i’ve had a huge change of heart and i’ve felt the need to make music that was more organic in nature. higher & higher is a reflection of that need. READ MORE


ethereal existence (ep)

before i get too deep into this, let me preface this by saying that the ethereal existence (ep) is a very short two-song ep and is something I wanted to release as a way to dip my toes back into the musical waters. i’ve not really written anything new in about 18 months, mostly because of hectic work schedules (full time programmer) and the general bs that life can throw at you.

anyway, i finally started sitting down again and making music… bought a few new vst synths and other plugins, and really started feeling inspired again. however, one thing was very evident when I started writing and producing again; i simply had lost all of my will to produce anything remotely EDM related. i’m certainly not judging anyone else for making it or anything of the sort… but i knew… i just wasn’t feeling it anymore. READ MORE